Beast Kingdom Dynamic 8-ction DAH-067 DuckTales Scrooge McDuck Action Figure


SKU: JAN222447
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From Beast Kingdom. The world's richest duck, Scrooge McDuck, comes to the stage with a mountain of treasure! Beast Kingdom's highly movable series, Dynamic 8ction Heroes, has launched a new masterpiece with Scrooge McDuck! With eighteen movable joints across its body, the figure comes with five pairs of replaceable hands and two types of mouth and face designs. Scrooge's clothing is made of real fabric: his classic blue suit and black top hat have been faithfully recreated to show the gentlemanly high-class temperament of Uncle Scrooge. Additional accessories are included, such as the highly treasured coin (the first coin earned by Scrooge), a treasure map, his signature cane and a linen money sack. The variety of accessories gives you freedom to play with the figure as you wish. Fans of Uncle Scrooge will not want to miss this figure!


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