Factory Entertainment Universal Monsters The Wolf Man Cane Prop Replica


SKU: JAN222614
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From Factory Entertainment. Factory Entertainment is delighted to announce a new edition of a replica of one of the most iconic Universal Monsters props - Larry Talbot's cane from 1941's The Wolfman! Purchased as a harmless gift, this cane ultimately becomes the instrument of Larry Talbot's destruction. The wolf head design was based on and hand-sculpted over an existing boar head cane, a popular motif on traditional walking canes. The Factory Entertainment team was recently provided with access to never-before-seen vintage reference photography of the hero prop, which allowed them to create a new, highly-detailed hero prop as it appears when first seen in the Conliffe Antique Shop! Not only is this edition of the cane more accurate to the hero prop, it now features an upgraded all metal handle construction and a solid acacia wood shaft.


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