Transformers Rescue Bots Dinobot Adventures Strikers Slug (Slag)



The Dinobots are stomping, chomping, and roaring into action! Dinobot Adventures introduces little heroes to Grimlock and his Dinobot friends, plus favorite Autobot characters with re-imagined dinosaur alt modes! The Dinobots are ready to strike! Dinobot Slug is a real hot head with a fiery personality. Inspired by the original G1 Dinobots, Dinobot Strikers figures are a great way to introduce little heroes to the exciting world of Transformers! Kids ages 3 and up can enjoy twice the fun with 2 modes of play, converting the Dinobot Slug figure from robot to Triceratops mode and back again in 1 easy step. Press the figure’s tail to activate charging action! Also look for other Transformers Dinobot Adventures toys to assemble a team.

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