Cixin Liu Vol. 4 Yuanyuan's Bubbles TP



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(W) Liu Cixin, Valérie Mangin (A) Steven Dupre (CA) Nicolas Vallet
Ever since she was a child, Yuanyuan always dreamed of blowing big bubbles. But her father worries about her fascination; he wants Yuanyuan to be as responsible and devoted to a calling as her mother was. As an adult, Yuanyuan creates a multimillion-dollar business out of the technology she developed for her doctoral thesis. But she still dreams of blowing the biggest bubble she can. When his daughter uses her high-tech methods to blow a bubble big enough to envelop a city, Yuanyuan's father thinks back to the dreams he and Yuanyuan's mother chased when they were young. Will her father's dreams com back to life?

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