Claim Vol. 1 A Song of Ire and Vice TP



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(W) Gregory Wright (A) Mihajlo Dimitrievski
Kind Ded is dead, hairless and heirless. Now the kingdom of Unstablovakia's only hope is two incompetent mercenary "heroes." Rob, a delusional goblin, and Dop, his silent doppelganger sidekick, hope this war means steady work with a side of fortune and fame, hopefully without getting them killed. Journey with these two dumdums as they scheme among the five factions that have sprung up to claim the throne. This adventure has it all: shining knights, zombie bites, and big dwarf fights, not to mention murder by pie, incredibly unpopular goblin cults, and, of course, true romance. Watch what happens to our lovable, lucky, yet not-so-smart mercenaries as they make their way through a game of musical thrones and see if they live happily ever... um, see if they survive!

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