Fantastic Four Vol. 22 This Flame, This Fury TP



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(W) Tom DeFalco, More (A) Paul Ryan, More (CA) Paul Ryan
Volume #22 in the Fantastic Four Epic Collections
From the Inniverse to INFINITY WAR! When interdimensional warlord Occulus targets Sue and Franklin, what strange change will Franklin undergo? Then, as the Magus unleashes his army of twisted doppelgangers on Earth and the foursome battle their evil duplicates, the Invisible Woman must face the dark side of her psyche: Malice! The Human Torch panics when ambushed by a cabal of cosmic villains and does the unthinkable! Johnny Storm's plight as a fugitive from justice brings the "new Fantastic Four" out of the woodwork, and the Thing's battle with Wolverine will leave long-lasting - and very literal - scars! And when Uatu summons our heroes to the moon, what has forced the Watcher to break his vow of non-interference? What else...but Doom?! Collecting FANTASTIC FOUR (1961) #362-376 and ANNUAL #25-26, and ADVENTURES OF THE THING #3.
Rated T

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