Ned: Lord of the Pit HC



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(W/A) Jim Calafiore

Ned Hume is not having a good week.

His career as an actor..... Well, to call it "struggling" is generous.

His girlfriend has begun to bring up the dreaded subjects of marriage and kids. (He's settled on the tried and true tactics of deflection and feigned hysterical deafness.)

His brother has just died. Yeah, he was an ass, but still, y'know, family.

And then there's the fact that he's lost his mind. At least Ned hopes he's lost his mind. What else could explain the hallucinations? This morning, on the streets of Manhattan, he started seeing creatures. Monsters; Grotesqueries; Demons; shambling, crawling or oozing along with the usual NYC sidewalk crowd. No one seems to notice them. But he sees them. 

And they see him.

And while some might turn out to be more lost than menacing, a ten foot tall fanged and tentacle-waving nightmare asking for directions to the nearest subway station is no less disturbing. Ned's lost his mind, right? That's what he hopes. Unfortunately...

It's a funny (to us) and frightening (especially to him) story of an average guy discovering the world is so much stranger than he thought, and his family (himself included) are way more connected to the darker, scarier side of reality than he knew or would ever ever want. The darker side, it turns out, doesn't want him either. 

This first volume (the story does continue) runs over 130 pages of story, and there'll be extras of course, like behind the scenes goodies; guest pin-ups by Mike McKone, Tom Raney, Matt Clark and others. And a forward by Louise Simonson.

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