OMAC: One Man Army Corps TP



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Author: Jack Kirby
Illustrated by: Jack Kirby
One of Jack Kirby's final projects for DC Comics in the 1970s presents a dystopian future in which ordinary people are pushed to violence to relieve their stress, and a corporate nobody called Buddy Blank is recruited by the Global Peace Agency to become the super-powered being known as O.M.A.C. -- One Man Army Corps.
In these 1970s tales, Jack Kirby introduced O.M.A.C. -- One Man Army Corps! Powered by the orbiting, sentient satellite known as Brother Eye, O.M.A.C. has been charged by the Global Peace Agency with stopping the evil schemes of power hungry millionaires who seek to exploit those less fortunate than them. It's a vision of the future unlike any you've seen before.

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