Reynard's Tale HC



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(W/A/CA) Ben Hatke
Beloved children's author Ben Hatke turns his pen to a very special project for adults: an atmospheric tribute to the medieval folklore tradition of trickster tales, starring Reynard the Fox. Inspired by the twelfth-century tales of the indomitable trickster fox Reynard, this offbeat tribute to the archetypal rogue has a satisfyingly old-fashioned feeling to it. Although this Reynard adventure is entirely the creation of modern fairy-tale master Ben Hatke (Mighty Jack), it fits seamlessly into the body of Reynard tales still beloved in Europe to this day. Featuring charming black-and-white illustrations and a clever narrative, Reynard's Tale follows our hero through a series of encounters with other classic figures from this body of folklore to piece together a headlong journey through a perilous landscape filled with murderers, kings, ex-lovers, mermaids, and even Death herself.

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