Star Wars: The Original Topps Trading Card Series Vol. 1 HC



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(W) Gary Gerani, Robert Conte
The Topps Star Wars trading cards were originally released in 1977 after the first Star Wars movie hit theaters that May. No one expected the movie to become an instant classic, but as licensors scrambled to satisfy the huge demand for kids of all ages looking to own images of their favorite characters and scenes, Topps was the first Star Wars licensee. The trading card series proved so popular that five different series were released in the same year. Now, for the first time, all five classic trading card series are being reprinted in book form-in a deluxe volume of 516 pages. Each series consisted of 66 cards and 11 stickers. The backs of each card contain additional content including movie facts, story summaries, actor profiles, and puzzle cards. Also includes four exclusive bonus collectible trading cards and an introduction by Gary Gerani, the original editor of the 1977 series of Topps trading cards.

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