Steve L. McEvil Vol. 1 TP



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(W/A) Lucas Turnbloom
Hi! My name is Steve L. McEvil, and I am The Greatest Supervillain In The World! Or... I will be. It's hard to take over the planet when you still have a bedtime. Right now, my grandpa Tiberius McEvil is teaching me how to pull off my nefarious schemes. Though lately someone has been doing the job for me. These weird stones have appeared in town. Professor Stinger won't stop droning on about wormholes. And no one is more villainous than my new neighbor Vic Turry. That guy is just so... nice! Even Sierra, who rarely looks up from her geology books, is impressed by his good guy routine. But I'll show them all. No one can outsmart Steve L. McEvil! (Yeah, yeah, I know it rhymes.)

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