The Sparkle Dragons TP



(W) Emma Carlson Berne (A) Luke Flowers
Meet the Sparkle Dragons: the spunkiest crew in all of Princess Puff's queendom! Trixie is fierce with brains and beauty. Rue is tough as nails with a heart of shimmering gold. And, last but not least, Glinda, who often has her head in the clouds, but her out-of-the-box problem-solving can be her strongest asset. With their unique powers combined, they are an unstoppable force! And let's be honest: fighting off bad guys with glitter beams can be pretty hilarious... and sticky! When the Rain River is polluted with polka dots, Robert-not Bob-the Troll takes the heat for it. But he says he is innocent! Not to worry-the Sparkle Dragons are hot on the tails of the true culprits. That is, if Princess Puff and her unicorn BFF will stop getting in their way!

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