What's Michael Fatcat Collection Vol. 2 TP



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Author: Makoto Kobayashi
Translated by: Dana Lewis, Lea Hernandez, Toren Smith
Humorous cat antics for the whole family, as a beloved manga series finally gets the omnibus treatment!
This series stars the wacky, often anthropomorphic Michael with his human and animal friends. Sometimes one-offs, sometimes with a longer continuity, these fun stories will entertain multiple generations of readers. What's Michael? FatCat Collection Volume 2 gathers out-of-print original What's Michael? Volumes 7 to 11! This huge tome features the out-of-print What's Michael? volumes Fat Cat in the City, Show Time, The Ideal Cat, Sleepless Nights, and the shocking Planet of the Cats. Introduction by historian and manga stalwart Zack Davisson (Kaibyo: The Supernatural Cats of Japan)!

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