Giant Days: Library Edition Vol. 7 HC



(W) John Allison (A/CA) Max Sarin
Graduation day is so close that Esther, Daisy, and Susan can almost taste it. It's time to think about what they want to do when they leave behind the hallowed halls of Sheffield University-or, in Susan's case-consider where McGraw will go and what that might mean for their future together.

But even when real, grown-up tragedy strikes, there are still wild oats to sow, championship cricket games to play, and prank wars to survive before it's time to don caps and gowns to leave the giant days of university behind, once and for all.

Written by John Allison (Wicked Things, Steeple) and illustrated by Max Sarin (Harley Quinn: The Animated Series: The Eat. Bang! Kill Tour), Vol. 7 collects the final six issues and the grand finale of the Eisner Award-winning and Harvey Award-nominated series, along with a special short featuring Shelley Winters, all in a deluxe hardcover!

Collects Giant Days #49-54 and As Time Goes By.

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