Cubles GI Joe Baroness Papercraft Kit



Officially licensed by Hasbro. The G.I. Joe® SERIES 1 CUBLES

Fold and Create: Snake Eyes, Scarlett, Storm Shadow, and Baroness

Each collectible character includes over 30
highly detailed pre-scored, pre-folded, durable, paperboard parts

Each character is over 5” tall when completed

No scissors, glue or tape required

Each character features articulated moving parts
through the patented Cubles key joint system

Each GI Joe Character comes with a custom
diorama created specifically for Cubles.

When all four characters are collected, the diorama forms one cohesive diorama action scene!

Watch as your GI Joe Cubles characters come to life!

Great tactile activity and it's even a fidget toy when complete!

As always, Cubles are made in the U.S.A. and 100% recyclable. Cubles plants 100 trees for every one tree used.

Age-based Guidelines:
Ages 6-8: may require assistance assembling their CŪBLES.
Ages 8-12: may require guidance to learn how to assemble their first CŪBLES.
Ages 12+: will likely not require assistance or guidance.

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