1956 Movie Star TP



(W/A/CA) Steve Lafler
This "what if" take on mid-century Manhattan is the jolly conceit of cartoonist Steve Lafler in 1956 Movie Star. Meet Susie and Jack, wholesale buyers for the McCurdy's chain of Department stores. These two are gunning for the same job: Chief Buyer. Of course the friendly rivals make the classic mistake: They hop in bed together! Susie and Jack's fates become entwined with a pair of talented young women, Ramona Lopez and Nikki Garcia. Ramona is an aspiring transgender model and actor. Nikki is writing a draft of her first novel. These ambitious Latinas strive to leave the mean streets behind. Enjoy as you lean into that transcendent Coltrane tenor sax solo over a martini just past midnight in New York City, 1956.

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