Kaijumax Vol. 3 HC



(W/A/CA) Zander Cannon
A city doomed-A HARDCOVER INCARNATE! Collecting Season 5 #1-6 and Season 6 #1-6, this complete, annotated edition spans the vast physical, temporal, and socioeconomic distances between the corrupt Kaijumax prison, the impartial halls of cosmic justice, and the burning skies of a three-pronged alien invasion. From the tony suburbs of the Nebula of the Eternal Sunrise to the monster-battling pits of Tokyo's underworld, follow the rise, fall, and cruel education of Kaijumax regulars Electrogor, Pikadon, Hermie, Nobuko Matsumoto, Daniel, Sharkmon, Sprinkles the Unidragon-and all your favorites! May their grotesque fates haunt your dreams for millennia to come!

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