Jada Hollywood Rides Transformers G1 Nemesis Prime 1:24 Scale Diecast Vehicle


SKU: 33490

It’s the dark clone of the Autobot leader, constructed by an evil genius whose only allegiance is to himself. Designed to be the ultimate military commander and made from pure darkness, Nemesis Prime fears nothing and no one. The legendary Decepticon wears a sleek black exterior with a chrome finish, and decals to match. This 1:24 scale Nemesis is the destructive big rig you need. The dark side is where you'll want to be.

  • GENUINE: Authentically licensed product from the iconic G1 Transformers franchise
  • CLASSIC CAR: Inspired by the antagonist Decepticon, Nemesis Prime
  • ENHANCEMENTS: Crafted from durable materials such as 100% Die-Cast metal body and premium rubber tires
  • FULLY LOADED: 1:24 Die-Cast with detailed wheel rims, and opening doors

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