Archie New Look Series Vol. 2 Jughead: The Matchmakers TP



(W) Melanie J. Morgan (A/CA) Joe Staton
by Melanie Morgan, Joe Staton & Al Milgrom
Now, together under one cover for the very first time, the complete "Matchmakers" saga!  The story caused quite a stir, as it brought back the "new look" of Riverdale's fabled teens, first seen in the landmark Bad Boy Trouble, the epic 2007 tale that gave the flagship characters of Archie Comics an extreme and modern makeover! Add to that the intrigue of Jughead actually showing interest in a girl and you've got a recipe for a tale of combustible proportions! It all starts when Archie, Betty, Reggie, and Veronica agree that Jughead needs a break from his "fifth wheel" status. They hatch a scheme to find a girl who will interest Jughead more than food and sleep - never realizing they would actually succeed! Or have they? Comic book legends Joe Staton and Al Milgrom bring their years of experience to the Archie "new look," handling pencils and inks respectively, and help you relive the most talked-about Jughead story of 2008 in this special collection!

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