Batman Detective Comics: The Road to Ruin HC



Author: Peter J. Tomasi
Illustrated by: Bilquis Evely
In the aftermath of the Joker War, Bruce Wayne has lost his home, and is losing the battle for the hearts and minds of Gotham City's citizens. A groundswell of anti-vigilante protests is popping up throughout Gotham, stoked by the mayoral candidacy of Christopher Nakano—a former police officer wounded in the Joker's war zone. All this, plus mysterious new villain in the Mirror is rallying others to the anti-vigilante cause, taking to the streets and leading violent encounters that show no true winner.    This final volume of Peter J. Tomasi's epic Detective Comics run culminates in a battle with Robin, a hostage crisis with Hush, and the dawn of a new era for Gotham City.   This essneital volume of Detective Comics collects Detective Comics #1028-1033—the final arc penned by seminal Detective Comics scribe Peter J. Tomasi (Batman and Robin, Super Sons). It also features stunning art from Brad Walker (Aquaman), Kenneth Rocafort (Red Hood and the Outlaws), Bilquis Evely (Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow), Nicola Scott (Wonder Woman), and more!

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