Batwoman Omnibus HC



Author: J.H. Williams III, Greg Rucka
Here, there be monsters...
After her promising military career is cut short by bigotry against her sexuality, Kate Kane decides to put her combat training to use as Gotham City’s newest guardian: Batwoman.   Determined to dispense her own brand of justice against those who would prey on Gotham’s citizens, Batwoman wastes no time in pursuing the Lewis Carroll-inspired criminal known as Alice, whose incoherent ramblings may reveal more than it seems. But Alice isn’t the only villain lurking in the shadows. La Llorona, the Weeping Woman of urban legend, is abducting the city’s children for a nefarious purpose. And when a terrifying creature of ancient myth emerges and rears its serpentine head, Batwoman must team up with another warrior who has experience slaying monsters of old: Wonder Woman!   Scripted and drawn by New York Times bestselling writer and illustrator J.H. Williams III (The Sandman: Overture), accompanied by W. Haden Blackman (Elektra) and Greg Rucka (Detective Comics) on writing duties with Travis McCarthy, Amy Reeder, and more on art, Batwoman Omnibus is a can’t-miss volume for fans of Gotham’s other dark avenger. Collects Detective Comics #854-863, Batwoman (New 52) #0, Batwoman #0-24, and Batwoman Annual #1.

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