Classic Horror Comics Vol. 1 TP



(A) L. B. Cole & Various
Introducing our first volume of Classic Horror Comics, where we've unearthed some right little horrors! Starting with Terrifying Tales #11 (January 1953) Black Magic! Voodoo! Jungle Mystery! And cover artwork by L.B. Cole. And there's more with shocking and eerie tales including cannibalism in the pages of The Tormented #1 and #2 (July & September 1954). Climax! #1 (July 1955) from publisher Stanley Morse features the aptly titled "Fate!" where no matter which road Rocky Webster chooses he meets justice! And it would be an injustice, if you miss the chance to buy this beauty! Climax! #2 (September 1955) gives us "The Witness" where Tony Paris commits murder but picks the wrong girl to be his alibi!

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