John Constantine, Hellblazer Vol. 26 Curse of the Constantines TP



Author: Peter Milligan
Illustrated by: Simon Bisley
It's up to the old mage to solve a few mysteries, but is John Constantine ready for what's about to be thrown at him? 
A dying woman's desperate need to see her long lost son  sends John Constantine on a mission in "Suicide Bridge," a haunting tale of evil and melancholy that finds John using his occult connections to learn why so many young people are going missing. It's a story full of strange places and desperate lives that leads Constantine to unearth his own connection to the mysterious disappearance of a boyhood friend...and that's just the beginning of Constantine's troubles in John Constantine, Hellblazer Vol. 26: The Curse of the Constantines.   Collecting Hellblazer #292-300; Hellblazer Special: Bad Blood #1-4; Hellblazer Annual #1!

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