Court of the Dead: The War of Flesh & Bone HC



(W) Tom Gilliland, Frank Tieri (A) Ivan Koritarev (CA) Alex Horley
Three factions lead the Underworld in their secret rebellion against Heaven and Hell. Only through their unity will they defeat the Celestials. Yet two of the faction leaders are constantly at odds and pit their pride against each other in the training arena. Gethsemoni's gargantuan golem, Odium, a raging juggernaut of sheer muscle and might, must fight Xiall's stalwart soldier, Mortighull, a swift and canny skeletal warrior. Odium and Mortighull are treated as mere pawns in the War of Flesh and Bone, but where their leadership has lost sight, they both struggle to find new purpose in the face of an even larger threat!

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