Creepy Archives Vol. 2 TP



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(W) Archie Goodwin (A) Frank Frazetta & Various
The second bone-chilling volume of Creepy Archives is now available in a value-priced paperback edition, showcasing some of most harrowing stories of horror, murder, and supernatural mayhem in comics history! Created by a who's-who of comics legends, including Archie Goodwin, Frank Frazetta, Alex Toth, Gray Morrow, Reed Crandall, John Severin, and more. Of special interest are Goodwin and Crandall's superb adaptations of "The Cask of Amontillado" and "The Body Snatcher" by gothic horror master Edgar Allan Poe. Collects Creepy magazine issues #6-10 and includes original letters pages, text features, and ads.

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