Different Ugliness, Different Madness TP



(W/A/CA) Marc Males
Written by Marc Malés
Art and cover by Malés
HUMANOIDS. In the moving DIFFERENT UGLINESS, DIFFERENT MADNESS, writer/artist Marc Malès tells a heart-wrenching story of two people learning to rely on each other to overcome the pain of their physical and emotional wounds as their relationship blooms into one of trust and rebirth.
    In the golden age of radio, the attractive and sexy voice of Lloyd Goodman - the playboy of radio - fills the airwaves. But he has
a secret - his voice is as dazzling as his face is repulsive. Lloyd is
so embarrassed by his appearance that he hides it by hiring a handsome stand-in for public appearances. Finally fed up with maintaining the lie, Lloyd disappears from the limelight. Helen, a stunningly beautiful woman, fights with the terrible memories of her twin sister's death; memories that threaten to tear her hold on reality to shreds. Wandering through the countryside, Helen has a chance encounter with the now reclusive Lloyd Goodman. Their meeting will send them down paths that will change their lives forever.

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