Dynamic 8-ction Heroes DAH-063 Death Metal: The Batman Who Laughs Action Figure



From Beast Kingdom. The mutated character in DC's multiverse, The Batman Who Laughs, combines the manic craziness of the Joker with the brute force of Batman. Praised by fans for his unique personality and looks, the Death Metal character has become a legend in its own right and one that nightmares are made of!  Beast Kingdom presents the DAH-063 Death Metal: The Batman Who Laughs, a figure representing a character of fear and madness! Standing at 7 3/4" in height and with over 26 points of articulation, the figure brings to life the crazed, wide mouthed face with 2 replaceable head sculpts. The Death Metal-inspired clothing is represented in all its glory using real cloth for the suit. The signature wings and long handled sickle are also included for fans to enjoy.

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