Freshmen Vol. 1 TP



(W) Hugh Sterbakov (A) Leonard Kirk, Andrew Pepoy (CA) Rodolfo Migliari
Writer Hugh Sterbakov
Penciler Leonard Kirk
Inker AndrewPepoy
Color Tyson Wengler
Cover Rodolfo Migliari
The sold-out, critically acclaimed series co-created by Buffy and Austin Powers star Seth Green is collected in all its glory from #1-#6! Meet the beautiful Puppeteer, the wistful Seductress, the desperate Wannabe, the wasted Intoxicator, the bickering Drama Twins, the overwhelmed Green Thumb, the snotty Squirrel and the dam-obsessed Beaver, and revel in extra goodies, including the entire Freshmen Yearbook. Baron Von Sterbakov and Maestro Kirk deliver thrills, chills, spills and tons of laughs.

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