GI Joe: A Real American Hero - Rise of Serpentor HC



(W) Larry Hama (A) Michael Golden & Various
Discover the history of one of the most notorious members of Cobra with this collection of stories from the original 1980s comics! Created by a secret cabal of Cobra scientists who combed the tombs, sarcophagi, and relics of the great despots of history to produce a clone with the military genius of Napoleon, the ruthlessness of Julius Caesar, the daring of Hannibal, and the fiscal acumen of Attila the Hun into the ultimate Cobra Emperor-Serpentor! This oversized hardcover collection contains the G.I. Joe Yearbook #2 (March 1986) story "Triple Play," A Real American Hero issues #46-53 (April 1986-November 1986) that detail the creation of the infamous character, and Special Missions #1-2 (October 1986-December 1986).

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