Golden Age Classics: Fight Comics Vol. 2 HC



(A) Lou Fine & Various
Featuring Power Man (aka Rip Regan) who is given a "power suit" by his friend and mentor Dr. Austin which gives him super-strength, imperviousness, and enables him to perform superhuman leaps alongside other classic comic heroes from Fiction House such as Shark Brodie, Kinks Mason, Spy Fighter, Chip Collins, Big Red McLane, Kayo Kirby, Oran of the Jungle, and Strut Warren. All masterfully brought to life by Lou Fine, George Tuska, Steve Broder, Leonard Frank, Fred Schwab, Charles Sultan, John Celardo, Fletcher Hanks, Dan Zolnerowich, Bob Powell, and Klaus Nordling. Collects Fight Comics #4-6 (April-June 1940).

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