Grease Monkey TP



(W) Tim Eldred
  by Tim Eldred
Meet young space cadet - and science-fiction buff - Robin Plotnik as he reports for duty as a mechanic aboard the spaceship Fist of Duty. There he meets his superior, Mac Gimbensky, a talking gorilla who is rumored to eat people, and the Barbarians, a squadron of gorgeous female fighter pilots. It would seem that we are in the realm of juvenile sci-fi, bursting with undiluted adolescent male fantasies. But beneath the fantastic trappings, this is really a coming-of-age story that takes the form of a charming romantic comedy. While learning how to fit into shipboard society, Robin cautiously seeks to court a young librarian named Kara. As for the allegedly fearsome Mac, the gorilla not only becomes Robin's mentor and protector, but is something of an overgrown kid, who has a surprisingly touching romance with a female gorilla space fleet admiral! While swimming in some time-tested waters, this work should appeal to readers who appreciate a universal story and nuanced characterization with their space battles.

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