Halina Filipina: A New Yorker in Manila TP



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(W/A) Arnold Arre
Halina Mitchell is half-Filipino, half-American. She's also a native New Yorker-sophisticated, beautiful and confident. On her first visit to the Philippines, she arrives in Manila to reconnect with relatives only to encounter a world of surprises that turn all her assumptions on their head. With the intrepid film critic Cris as her guide, she discovers a Manila that few others get to see! Cris's wry takes on bad movies offer Halina a new lens on the modern world as he whisks her through his hometown at breakneck speed. In turn, Halina gives the struggling writer a newfound appreciation for his city. This book offers a rom-com take on modern life and a touching story of friendship, love and crosscultural (mis)understanding from a renowned graphic novel pioneer.

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