Jada Toys Universal Monsters Bela Lugosi as Dracula Deluxe Action Figure



This spectacularly sculpted action figure features Bela Lugosi in his unique and iconic portrayal as Count Dracula as seen in the classic Dracula stage play. This highly-detailed 6" scale figure of the stage and silver screen star includes (2) detailed head-sculpts, (3) sets of hands, miniature replica posters/handbills and a wired cape to allow for dynamic posing. All of this comes packaged in a highly collectible closed-box "coffin" packaging with a sliding drawer. Bela Lugosi is Dracula…and he bids you welcome.

  • Dracula 6" scale figure is authentically licensed from the Lugosi Estate
  • Over 20 points of articulation, highly-detailed sculpt and premium paint detail
  • This figures comes in a collectible, premium branded. closed-box "coffin" package with 5th panel and slide-out drawer
  • Fully articulated and highly poseable, wired-cape, (2) head-sculpts, (3) pairs of hands, replicas of iconic posters/handbills

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