Legends of the Dark Knight TP



Author: Darick Robertson, Stephanie Williams, Various
Illustrated by: Darick Robertson, Max Dunbar
The revolutionary Batman anthology is back for a new era! Legends of the Dark Knight returns with comics’ biggest creators putting their own spin on Gotham City, in unconventional stories you won’t see anywhere else.
In 1989, riding the crest of Batmania fueled by the live-action film, DC launched Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight, an anthology series where comics creators from across all genres presented their unique interpretation of the Batman mythos, in multi-part stories separate from the pop culture icon’s more mainstream ongoing adventures.
In 2021, Legends of the Dark Knight returned—bringing its creative spirit into a new era, buoyed by writers and artists including Darick Robertson, Stephanie Phillips, Max Dunbar, Brandon Thomas, Giannis Milonogiannis, Becky Cloonan, Dike Ruan, Matthew Rosenberg, Cian Tormey, Brandon Easton, Karl Mostert, and more. 
The new Legends of the Dark Knight starts with “Bad Night, Good Knight,” a story written and illustrated by The Boys and Transmetropolitan co-creator Darick Robertson, featuring some of Batman’s most iconic villains, including The Joker, the Riddler, Penguin, and Mr. Freeze, as Batman races against time to stop a deadly chemical from being unleashed in Gotham.
This volume collects Legends of the Dark Knight #1-8.

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