Lifelike HC



(W) Dara Naraghi (A) Irapuan Luiz & Various
Dara Naraghi (w), Irapuan Luiz, Shom Bhuiya, Marvin Mann. Neil Errar, Jason Scott Jones, Jerry Lange. Tom Williams, Steven Spenser Ledford, Adrian Barbu, Steve Black, Andy Bennett, & Tim McClurg (a)
Lifelike is a diverse collection of slice-of-life stories... and beyond. Each vignette, illustrated by a different artist, presents a glimpse into a different corner of the world outside our window. From the sentimental to the shocking, the familiar to the unknown, it's all here.
Lifelike's stories are not limited to the clichéd autobiographic tales so often associated with the genre. Instead, the stories range in content from noir crime to love stories to war memoirs to humorous conversation pieces. A multicultural, multiethnic cast of characters infuses the book with a realism often missing from today's comics.

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