Miss Quinces TP



(W/A/CA) Kat Fajardo
Rising star Kat Fajardo's debut middle-grade graphic novel about a girl who would
rather do anything other than celebrate her quinceañera! A funny and heartfelt
coming-of-age story about navigating the expectations of family and cultural tradition.
Sue just wants to spend the summer reading and making comics at sleepaway camp
with her friends, but instead she gets stuck going to Honduras to visit relatives with
her parents and two sisters. They live way out in the country, which means no texting,
no cable, and no Internet! The trip takes a turn for the worse when Sue's mother
announces that they'll be having a surprise quinceañera for Sue, which is the last thing
she wants. She can't imagine wearing a big, floofy, colorful dress! What is Sue going to
do? And how will she survive all this "quality" time with her rambunctious family?

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