Ninja Funk Vol. 1 TP



(W) JPG, Steve Schuitt (A/CA) Alex Riegel
The breakout hit of 2022 has been collected in an epic 128 page trade paperback featuring additional bonus content and never before seen art.

Guardians of the Galaxy meets Borderlands as a motley crew of electronic musicians fights to restore their dying planet. Frequency-Bending Warrior DJs. Cyborg Housecats. The Broken Rhythm of the Universe. Ninja Funk is an epic hero's journey like you've never seen before!

Wielding frequencies like a kind of magic, Lazerwolf, JPG McFly, and Wolfgang the Cat face off against the forces of B.A.D. Music to bring True Harmony back to their world. In a fun, high stakes adventure weaved together with downloadable face-melting beats, Ninja Funk follows a ragtag band of misfits as they attempt to save a universe that's off-key.

Collects issues #1-4 of Ninja Funk

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