Pre-Code Classics Beyond Vol. 2 TP



(A) Ken Rice & Various
The penultimate volume of Ace Magazines' The Beyond is brand new to the PS Artbooks Softee racks, fellow comicbook fans and features writers and artists such as John Chilly, Ace Baker, Lin Streeter, Lou Cameron, Dick Beck, Jim McLaughlin, Louis Zansky, Al Eadeh, Gene Colan, Sy Grudko, Charles Nicholas, Ken Rice and Chic Stone.So, just when you thought it was gonna be safe to put your wallet away, think again cos here comes even more fun 'n' games in the form of ghouls and cadavers, vampires and ghosts, plus an occasional slice of far out sci-fi! Collects The Beyond #6-10 (September 1951-April 1952).

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