So Much for Love: How I Survived a Toxic Relationship HC



(W/A) Sophie Lambda
Part graphic memoir, part self-help book, So Much For Love guides readers with honesty and humor through the disorienting spiral of a toxic relationship and offers a clarifying and empathetic point of view.
Sophie had always been cynical about love-until she meets Marcus. His affection and doting praise melt away her defenses. The beginning of their relationship was a whirlwind romance, but over time she finds herself on uneven footing. Marcus lies. He's violently angry and bewilderingly inconsistent. Yet somehow he always manages to explain away his behavior and to convince Sophie that it's all in her head. Sophie comes to realize that she's become trapped in a cycle of abuse with someone with narcissistic personality disorder. Once she gets out of the relationship, Sophie turns her pen to documenting the experience and offers bracing, hilarious, and empathetic advice to any readers who may be in similar straits.

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