Swords of Cerebus in Hell? Vol. 10 TP



(W) Dave Sim & Various (A/CA) Gustave Dore & Various
Further collecting Cerebus' adventures in Hell? (with a question mark)! Read the First Team Up of Green Dante and Green Virgil while Green Virgil's ward, Cerebus, rocks a major Twitter Jones, hooked by the "Free Legal Advice" Twitter feed! See the denizens of the Infernal Realms get "Disney-fied"! and discover which beloved Cerebus In Hell? character has fallen to the Dark Side and become Darth [REDACTED]! First appearance of Super-Cerebus's super-attractive cousin, Super-Cerebus Girl (Eat your heart out Curt Swan)! First appearance of The Amicable Spider-Vark and Spider-Whore! Count all the Steve Ditko riffs!

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