Swords of Cerebus in Hell? Vol. 5 TP



(W) Dave Sim, Sandeep Atwal (A) Gustave Dore, Dave Sim (CA) Gustave Dore & Various
Further collecting Cerebus' adventures in Hell? (with a question mark)! Including: "Cash On Delivery Penis in Every Canadian Expresspost"; Cerebus appoints the Whore of Babylon Governor of the Bank of Canada; The computers are eating our pens; "Bohemian Rhapsody" "on-hold" music; What it means when a Muslim calls you a "whore"; The 31 Gender Pronouns; Dead Cerebus balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade; Betty the Aardvark-Molesting-Nursing-Assistant Bird; The Legion of Cerebus-Balloon-Handlers; and much more. Collects Nick Calm, Agent Of Codpiece #1 (August 2018); Crisis on Infinite Cerebi #1 (September 2018); The League of Extraordinary Cerebi #1 (October 2018); and Cerberus In Hell? #1 (November 2018).

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