Terry and the Pirates Master Collection Vol. 4 1938 Pirate Queen and Patriot HC



"Before Caniff introduced the Dragon Lady to Pat Ryan, before Burma and Raven Sherman and Normandie? Drake fell for our hero, there was not a hint of sex -real sex- to be found in the American newspaper strip. Caniff changed all that." - Jules Feiffer

The saga continues in Terry and the Pirates Volume 4, reproduced from Milton Caniff's personal set of color syndicate tabloid proofs!

Warlord Klang makes life rough for Terry, Connie, and Burma, but they find an unlikely ally when-for the first and only time-the Dragon Lady and Burma appear in the same story! In one of the strip's most famous sequences the Dragon Lady changes her scales, seizing Klang's troops and turning them into a force to fight a hostile invading army. Meanwhile, Hunter Yurk and young Nastalthia ("Nasty") Smythe-Heatherstone stir up trouble, and a reunion with Pat and Big Stoop isn't enough to prevent a cat-fight over Nasty's wealthy papa between Burma and conniving Drusilla Crail. When Burma again takes it on the lam, the boys agree to a dangerous mission in Indo-China for Mr. Smythe-Heatherstone.

This tabloid-sized Volume 4 containing the 1938 dailies and Sundays is an unparalleled upgrade that no Terry fan can afford to pass up.

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