The Power of Shazam! Vol. 2 The Worm Turns TP



Written by Jerry Ordway, Roger Stern, Ron Marz and Peter David Art by Peter Krause, Gil Kane, Curt Swan, and others The adventures of the World's Mightiest Mortal continue! Young Billy Batson, in his superhero guise as the adult Captain Marvel, uses the powers of Shazam to face challenges in Fawcett City, New York, Venus, and the far future. Through it all, a small but terrifying new danger is inching its way closer--and this threat wants to take over the world! Collects THE POWER OF SHAZAM! #13-23, SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF TOMORROW #4, SHOWCASE '96 #7, THE POWER OF SHAZAM! ANNUAL #1, SUPERBOY PLUS #1, and SUPERGIRL PLUS #1.

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