The Unauthorized Puffed Movie Adaptation TP



John Layman (w); Dave Crosland (a)
IDW presents a collection of one of the most darkly hilarious comics to come along in recent years, Puffed, finally available in a stunning deluxe trade paperback. By day, Aaron is stuffed into a sweltering, ridiculous-looking amusement park dragon costume, and he's about to have the worst night of his life, beaten up and trapped in his costume in the 'hood. Written by John Layman (Gambit) with spectacular art by Dave Crosland (Heaven LLC). The Unauthorized Puffed Movie Adaptation collects the entire delightfully twisted cult-hit Puffed mini-series, along with the hysterically cruel where-are-they-now follow up one-shot, Stay Puffed, and a brand-new story, "Mo' Puffed." This definitive Puffed collection also features "director's cut" extra scenes, as well as an all-star pin-up and cover gallery of comic superstars John Cassaday, Frank Quitely, Sam Kieth, Ashley Wood, Jim Mahfood and many more.

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