Versus Fighting Story Vol. 2 TP



(W) Izu (A/CA) Kalon Madd
The first manga dedicated to the world of e-sports competition!  Esports continues to grow in popularity!  Total E-sport audience is 557 million!
The world of Versus Fighting is facing an unprecedented struggle! On the one hand, e-sports mag-nate Eric Volta wants to professionalize the sector with millions of dollars.
On the other hand, Max Volta, his own nephew, was recruited by Inés, a former player of the Ver-sus Dojo arcade who fights to preserve the passion of the fighting game culture and its players. To help him, the legendary TKO the Destroyer will have to come out of his retirement to train his team...
And in the middle of it all, there is a surprise guest: Mr. Judeau, a talented player of obscure games that no one else plays. Is the man who gets paid in kebab the Chosen One who will help all these people come together?
Welcome to the crazy world of Versus Fighting Story! Officially endorsed by Capcom and the fighting game community, featuring genuine Street Fighter characters, and produced in the vein of the best sports sh?nen, discover the e-sport spirit, as you have never seen it before.

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