Warlands Vol. 2 Atrelegis TP



by Pat Lee & Adrian Tsang
Amidst a terrible war of magic and sword, six heroes fight a losing battle against innumerable masses of the Vampire Horder of Datara. Malagen, leader of the Dataran Horde, stands ready to complete his conquest after the dwarves, elves, and humans of the eastern kingdoms suffer a devastating defeat, and the heroes fail in their task to prevent their enemies from obtaining the Darklyte armor. Unbeknownst to Malagen, however, fate has inexplicably chosen Malagen's own son to wield the Darklyte armor against his former master. Now the heroes must discover how to unlock the secrets of the Darklyte armor before it's too late. Contains issues #7-12, plus a gallery of listed issues and a new cover by Pat Lee. SC, 144pg, FC

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